Software-only sensors for any earphone

We help OEMs create fantastic sensory smartphone experiences, without any new hardware

The fastest, lowest-cost way to deploy premium sensory features

Add our software to your devices
Any earphone attached instantly becomes a multiform sensor
Your end users enjoy access to premium capabilities
Universal coverage out of the box
No physical sensors
No complex integration
No stand-alone accessories

Our Products

Ear Detection
Heart rate monitor
Biometric authentication
User identification
Personalized audio
Gestures UX
Active noise cancellation

Our technology

Take any earphone, reverse its operation and a speaker transforms into a microphone.

We use this hidden capability to beam sound waves into the ear.

Like a sonar, we capture the returning signal and with our unique algorithms extracted from it a variety of sensory data.

OEM solutions

Instantly deliver better earphones UX & superior sound

  • Tap to play
  • Auto pause & play
  • Personalized audio
  • Active noise cancelation

Identify & Authenticate users by their unique earprints

Continuous authentication
Full session security
Personal assistants & trainers
Multiple-user support
Two-factor authentication
Biometric signature
Developer solutions

Listen to vital signs with any existing headphone

  • Highly Accurate
  • Doesn't require user action
  • Continuous measurements

OS health platforms

Fertility trackers

Fitness support

Unique data source

Bugatone sensors continuously collect vital signs from millions of ordinary earphones.

Together these readings create a unique statistical data source for insurers, public health agencies & app developers.

Bluetooth solutions

Yes, size matters

When all your hardware must fit inside an earlobe, adding a new sensor can often change the entire earphone design. Take the easy road with our software-only sensors